We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Virtual Dealer Training was born from a demonstrated need for consistent automotive Internet best practices. As the Internet sales process continues to evolve, many dealers are unable to keep their staff up-to-date on the most relevant tactics and strategies. For many good reasons, dealerships simply cannot gather the necessary resources to receive consistent Internet training. Internet managers are often too busy either handling their own leads, or troubleshooting technology problems to spend time increasing their own knowledge base, let alone train new recruits.

As part of the Virtual Dealer Training program, we:

  • Provide all best-in-class DealerKnows Consulting email templates, phone scripts, and follow-up processes.
  • Review internet correspondence to ensure best practices are being employed.
  • Listen to recorded inbound phone calls (if available).
  • Police the Metrics and Ratios to make sure no lead goes unanswered and all vehicles are properly advertised.
  • Manipuate your CRM/ILM and websites to ensure best practices are being employed.
  • Consistently implement new strategies to better improve your overall online presence.
  • Conduct weekly INTERACTIVE video training calls to your to your Internet Department / BDC staff and enhance their understanding of the strong internet initiatives we are implementing.
  • Train on the Best Practices of Online Inventory Management, Marketing, and Advertising.
  • Give an unbiased review of your total digital marketing spend (including technologies) and assist in making those technologies work for you rather than against you.
Conferences are often too expensive or time consuming, while regularly having a trainer on-site is cost prohibitive for most dealers. Because these barriers are so high, most dealers have no choice, but to put training on the shelf. Virtual Dealer Training provides a solution to deliver consistent, INTERACTIVE, training, all at a convenient time, and a minimal price. It’s clear that time is the enemy of training. From its inception, Virtual Dealer Training is geared to maximize every second of time. No longer does your staff have juggle their schedules to accommodate a trainer, wait for a video, or cram at a conference. We schedule training with clear daily/weekly goals, and decide when to train when its most convenient for you. If a client walks in, just simply reschedule. It’s that easy.

Unlike other “virtual” trainers, we provide your staff an open line of communication at all times. In fact, we pride ourselves on being accessible. Every dealership is different, and caters to a varied set of clients. By offering a dialogue, your staff can fully grasp training modules, and apply it directly to real world situations, thus maximizing dealer investment. Let’s face it: you can’t call a DVD or a download.

We understand that every dealer dollar has an earmark. We offer training that should not be viewed as a sunk cost, but as a high yield investment. Not only should you increase your profitability today, but multiply it tomorrow. Our training is broken into modules, and results are objectively monitored. When you’re ready to move to the next level, you’ll have a track-record of success to look back on. In just three short months on our program, dealers have tripled their appointment show ratio, while others have doubled their internet sales within two months alone!