NY Times Best-selling author and sales training expert Grant Cardone of Cardone Technologies endorses Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting for Internet sales training and digital marketing consulting. Grant Cardone attended Joe Webb’s session at the Innovative Dealer Summit to the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association in Denver and reccomends auto dealers to get involved with Joe Webb and his ecommerce training initiatives.

Lisa Jo Swain, BDC Manager of SunStar Network, (an outsourced BDC with dealer clients around the nation) recommends Joe Webb and Bill Playford of DealerKnows Consulting. Recently, Joe Webb helped SunStar assemble an all-star group of speakers for their very own, personal SunStar eSummit that was met with overwhelming success.

“Joe Webb is a phenomenal trainer. His knowledge level in the industry rivals people who have been in the automobile business for 50+ years, combined with a ‘today’ approach that ensures that you are getting every last drop out of the internet/BDC department to maximize profits for the dealership. He is tireless, taking phone calls constantly, working with me to set up this department, and a great sounding board, as well. My respect level of Joe is the extreme highest one can achieve in our business. The BDC is up and running and quickly producing phenomenal numbers with his guiding hand, managing through the issues that arise to get the end result – success. Thank you to Joe, who I also consider a trusted friend in our business, that I can call on whenever the need arises.

Deb Lyons, BDC Manager, Anderson Automotive Group

“Joe Webb is one of those rare professionals that people will go out of their way to work with. His commitment to the objectives adopted by his team is greater than anyone else I have worked with. His personality and ability to lead from a referent or expertise basis are unique in the auto industry and worthy of great merit. I give my highest recommendations to Joe Webb who is an automotive professional that I admire and respect”

Ralph Paglia, Director – Digital Marketing; ADP Dealer Services

Basil Resale and Basil Automotive Internet Director – Subi Fernando – discusses her experience at the Dealer Internet Battle Plan and praises Joe Webb for the information he provided to both her and the other attendees.