Phone Scripts Proven to Produce

The phone is the lifeline to your dealership.  We are of the belief that if you know how to handle an inbound sales call, you never have to take an up in your life.

During our mystery shopping of dealers nationwide, far too often it seems that the people answering the sales and service calls at dealerships have never been trained properly to do so.

The 8 Aspects to Handling the Phone are

We have personally created and managed BDC’s for automotive dealers that were responsible for 65% of the store’s traffic and over 165 sales per month.  Some of the Internet sales managers and BD agents we’ve trained have tripled their appointment set and appointment show ratios.

As a Virtual Dealer Training client, you will receive our best-in-class phone scripts for inbound and outbound sales and internet calls.  During our weekly INTERACTIVE video chat trainings with your team, we will role-play with your team members to ensure that proper phone structure is understood and phone scripts are being followed.

Ensuring your calls are handled at an optimal level is a sure-fire way to increase the profitability of your store.