Lead Tracking that Gets Results

Do you know what metrics your dealership should be achieving?

Are all of your online efforts being measured and tracked?

Let DealerKnows Consulting take the guesswork out of your internet department evaluation. We are proven experts at creating profitable business development centers and internet departments. We do this by monitoring all internet activity and benchmarks on behalf of our clients. This way, you have unbiased professionals reviewing your internet sales efforts and consulting you on the next steps for ecommerce success.

While we help evolve your dealership into a more progressive profit center, we still focus on your bottom line. To do this, we dedicate ourselves to generating the reports from your CRM, tracking the results you achieve from our on-going training, and improving the success of all your key metrics.

If you are currently monitoring these very same measurements on a monthly basis, you are on the right track. As the online environment expands with social media, online review sites, display advertising, search engine marketing, etc – DealerKnows Consulting will show you where your focus should be. And we have the know-how and technical expertise to improve each and every metric you currently achieve.

During our weekly INTERACTIVE video chats with your team, we will discuss all growing metrics and assist in setting future goals to guarantee long-term growth.

We are the watchful eye…
We are the metric police…
We are confidently monitoring your metrics…
…for your peace of mind.
…for your bottom line.