Email Templates That Really Work

How often do you mystery shop your own dealership?

Are you sure that the email communication your Internet team is providing your online prospects are engaging the customers in the proper manner?

Training Internet departments to properly handle leads is our primary strength.  As a Virtual Dealer Training client, we will provide our best-in-class DealerKnows email templates and long-term follow up process to elicit more responses from online shoppers and convert more leads to sales.  Our Virtual Internet Director team is even able to assist with the inputting of the email templates and the implementation of our follow-up procedure.

Your email templates must be

  • Engaging
  • Simple
  • Value-building
  • Memorable

Much like there is a Road to the Sale that your sales team follows, there is an Internet Road to the Sale that your Internet department must follow.  Our proven templates have been designed to build immediate rapport, elicit responses, and move the customer to the phone.  If 20% of your customers are contacting you online before walking in, it is imperative you improve your email exchanges.

During our weekly, INTERACTIVE video chat trainings with your dealership, we will continually evaluate and customize the e-templates we’ve provided and work to personalize all of your email communications.

Let Virtual Dealer Training ensure you are putting your best foot (font) forward in your online conversations with Internet leads.