Who We Are

Joe Webb and Bill Playford of DealerKnows Consulting are widely recognized retail automotive experts, leveraging more than 20 years combined experience with Internet sales, online marketing, technology implementation, and eCommerce methodology. DealerKnows has been bringing online sales success and inventory management best practices to dealerships across the country through its hands-on training efforts, and is pleased to offer Virtual Dealer Training as a more resource-effective alternative to traditional training methods.

Bill Playford

Vice President of DealerKnows Consulting
and Director of Virtual Dealer Training

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Bill brings a decidedly different skill set to the Dealer Knows team. While spending the last three years working for Trilogy, Bill played an instrumental role in launching three new retail solutions for the domestic and international market. He adds a depth of knowledge of vendor technology, and its effective implementation at the dealer level. Moreover, he brings the experience of working for one of the most successful privately owned technology companies in the world.

Having recently served as Director of Retail Operations for Trilogy’s SmartLeads program, Bill brings intimate knowledge of lead acquisition, lead quality, lead scoring, and lead segmentation. In the process of adding nearly 150 dealers and over 350 franchises to beta test Trilogy’s lead scoring and lead prioritization software, Bill helped dealers develop successful ways to efficiently acquire and convert third party leads. His efforts were reflected in OEM and dealer group adoption of the SmartLeads lead purchasing program.

Prior to joining the SmartLeads team, he spent six years developing “click to buy” initiatives, catering to car buyers who are no longer interested in purchasing vehicles the traditional way. Over the course of eighteen months Bill’s team at Trilogy developed and launched a web buying service for the nation’s largest publicly traded auto-group, as well as the developed of a web specific, OEM backed, buying service for the international market.

Like the rest of the Dealer Knows team, Bill also brings front line experience to the table. Bill spent four years at one of the first Internet dealers in the country. Building on what he learned from the best, Bill was among the first to launch an analytics program to ensure his dealer was delivering the right message to the right customer. His research directly led to the creation of association-specific buying programs, neighborhood level marketing programs, as well as cost saving lead optimization strategies. His pioneering geographic and demographic specific targeting methodology was also noticed by KBB, where he served on its inaugural Dealer Advisory Panel.

Bill is extremely passionate about automotive ecommerce. He seeks to share his sales, marketing, and product development skills to help dealers sell more cars, and add customers for life.

Joe Webb

President and Founder of DealerKnows Consulting

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DealerKnows was created by Joe Webb, an Auto Industry Expert in online marketing, e-commerce advertising, and internet initiatives who created and managed one of the car industry’s most successful Internet Departments and Business Development Centers in the nation. Joe has been bringing online sales success to dealerships across the country through his hands-on consulting efforts and progressive training programs by sharing his endless knowledge of all things internet sales and online inventory management.

Joe is a 7-time Top-Rated Speaker at the Digital Dealer Conferences and is a frequent speaker at NADA Dealer 20 Groups and state dealer associations. He continues to share his ideology for business development center set-up, e-lead management processes, and online inventory tactics at conferences and 20 Groups nationwide.  Many of his internet sales strategies he’s
personally created are considered some of the best practices in the nation. Joe Webb and his team are an active part in multiple publications and automotive online social networking blogs and communities.

Called “the funniest person in the car business”, Joe Webb’s unique and charismatic approach yields him instant buy-in from dealer personnel as well as an ability to utilize creativity and dynamic interaction with internet shoppers and converting them to sales. His knowledge of eCommerce marketing continues to show dealerships real-world results, but it is his belief that people still sell cars. With that, Webb encourages dealer staff to instill their own personalities into the buying process to achieve the pinnacle of online sales success.

His personal goal, as he consistently writes in Digital Dealer Magazine and preaches at conventions, seminars,and webinars is “to better the culture of car sales”. “DealerKnows, LLC in-store consulting and virtual training allows dealers to move into the automotive internet age with understanding. We put successful practices in place so dealers can stop losing sales from the local market and see more profitability and a better return on investment from their online marketing dollars.”

As well as being known for his hilarious car sales videos (with his background in comedy), Joe writes articles, blogs, and has been featured in such publications as: