Having trouble making sense of your numbers? Let us take away the guesswork.
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auto dealer email templates

Would you like your Internet team to be measured, managed, and trained by the industry’s leading automotive e-business consultants?

Would you like to have an Internet sales expert enhance the email and phone communication your Internet/BDC teams are delivering to your prospects?

Think you can’t afford it? Think again.

Virtual Dealer Training offers automotive consulting to dealerships nationwide through weekly, interactive, videoconference sessions. Through best-in-class email templates, advanced phone training, enhanced lead management, and consistent follow-up, our Virtual Internet Directors, Joe Webb and Bill Playford, will create a definitive training program to help your dealership succeed where it hasn’t before. In short, we help evolve your Internet departments into appointment setting and lead closing machines.

How would you like to be put on the path to online sales success?  Call Virtual Dealer Training at 312-857-5083, or send us an email at VDT@dealerknows.com

Training is No Longer a Luxury